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The Most Popular Lightweight Products - Titanium Frames
Feb 18, 2017

The world's first titanium spectacle frame, by the Japanese optical industry to overcome the technical bottleneck of titanium processing, from the beginning of 1981 sales in the name of titanium glasses "TitexA" and "TitexB", the company in the "TitexA" solution to the drawing, stamping die breakage, and surface finish the degree of problem, obtained the best conditions for cutting the cutting processing. In the surface processing, concentrate on solving the grinding agent, polishing roller, processing machinery, processing conditions, etc.. At the same time, the greatest obstacle to brazing titanium, in the development of new titanium solder also made a breakthrough. In surface treatment, previously used in material (zinc nickel alloy, stainless steel, etc.) method on wet plating precious metals processing titanium has many difficulties, so the company adopts ion plating method to solve, and can get the gold nitride, chromium nitride can be obtained by silver white. In addition, these nitrides are super hard material, so that the metal surface has good wear resistance.

The weight of TitexA is about 16g. TitexB is the use of titanium as the core material, the surface of the corrosion resistance of metal materials, TitexB sample weight of about 17g, compared with the previous use of the material, about 30%. 1982 by the Malmaoptical company sold titanium frame Marman "fitanos", the frame weight is only 13g.

In addition to the screw and titanium frame: holomorphic plastic foot cover, metal part by titanium material.

The nickel coated titanium frame line for titanium material, surface nickel clad material, and now this frame has ceased to exist.

Assembling: due to nickel coated titanium titanium production cost is high and the equipment needs to be updated, not updated before the assembly, titanium frames should be potential, but this product is very dangerous, because every metal has a different melting point, just put them together will be very fragile. Early nickel coated titanium frame after flattening angle, frame line distribution which can not be like the original factory then the average, so after use, then a layer of nickel and titanium coated will break off and no way to repair welding, including assembling titanium also has such a situation.

Nickel titanium: in order to reduce costs and make production more convenient, there are factories to study the use of titanium plated nickel metal. So we can use the traditional welding technology.

In order to prevent bad traders to use titanium alloy frame as pure titanium frame. Titanium frames according to the type of the use of titanium parts, respectively using the abbreviated form of engraving on the frame, generally in the mirror feet.

Generally speaking, pure titanium frames are identified with 100%TITANIUM or PURETITANIUM in the leg or the lens; BetaTitanium Titanium logo or beta titanium frame with Beta, different manufacturers slightly in the wording of the difference.

Because of the needs of customers, a titanium frame, Beta titanium frame and semi titanium frames, semi titanium frame is divided into titanium alloy frames, such as titanium, titanium and other biological memory.

Titanium frames of various kinds of glasses in the early 90s of last century developed abroad and began to mass production, before 1998, titanium frames have occupied more than 60% of the Japanese market. Titanium frame belongs to the high-end consumer goods, in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards in China, the rapid expansion of the demand for titanium frames, there are a number of titanium frame manufacturers.

Belgium's first customizable 3D printing titanium glasses

The Belgian designer Patrick Hoet and his team and opticians and domestic 3D printing company Melotte cooperation, designed and developed the first customizable 3D printed titanium glasses. Hoet and Melotte offer two solutions. Some custom glasses can be delivered within a week after placing orders. Customers can also choose a completely personalized solution: according to the customer's personal facial feature data, Melotte by 3D printing technology for customers to customize the glasses. All glasses can be marked with the customer's name. Shaanxi thriving Pioneer Metals corporation specializing in Shaanxi titanium rod manufacturers is the best choice.

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