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The Ministry Of Science And Technology New Material Technology Of Ultra High Pure Aluminum Target Project Application
Nov 10, 2016

According to the Ministry of science and technology news: physical vapor deposition (PVD) is one of the key technology of semiconductor chip and TFT-LCD production process, PVD sputtering metal target is one of the most important semiconductor chip production and preparation of TFT-LCD during the processing of raw materials, the amount of sputtering metal target is the biggest super high and super high pure aluminum pure Aluminum Alloy target.

Thus, the key manufacturing technology of large size developed with independent intellectual property rights of the ultra high pure aluminum target, develop the semiconductor industry and TFT-LCD industry demand for ultra high pure aluminum target products, has important significance for the development of related industries in china.

Just, fair and open selection of the project unit, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities, national integration in aluminum refining, large size aluminum plate deformation processing and sputtering metal target preparation and other advantages in the field of professional R & D development of the work of this project, the Ministry issued a "the national high technology research and development program (863 Program) new material technology" large size ultra high pure aluminum target manufacturing technology key project "application guide.

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