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The Largest Surface Titanium Steel Composite Plate In China Was Born In The East Valley Of Titanium
Dec 29, 2018

Recently, a good news came from the East Valley of Titan Valley in Mei County. After more than a year of testing by technicians of Baoji Ticheng Metal Composite Materials Co., Ltd., the largest surface titanium steel composite panel in China was successfully tested and put into mass production.

In the production workshop of Titanium Co., a large titanium steel composite board with a width of 3 meters, a length of 12 meters and a surface area of 36 square meters, which needs dozens of people to surround, is lying there and showing people's attention. In the next few years, it will play an increasingly important role in the construction of large-scale corrosion-resistant equipment such as floating island construction and chemical equipment in China.

The composite material has the characteristics of two kinds of layered metals at the same time, so that the structure (substrate) and anti-corrosion (multi-plate) perform their respective functions, and their respective advantages are utilized. Compared with the use of rare elemental metals, the composite materials are more utilized. The structural strength of inexpensive metals effectively saves the resources of rare metals. Titanium steel composite board combines the corrosion resistance of titanium with the low cost and high strength of steel. It is mainly used in anticorrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, electric power, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, automobile and other industries. The material price is only equivalent to titanium plate. About 20% of the equipment reduces the cost of equipment and makes large-scale application of titanium materials possible.

Due to the stricter and stricter welding requirements for ship, marine, chemical, chlor-alkali and other equipment shells, the large-area composite sheet without welds is increasingly favored by merchants. Nowadays, the main production enterprises of domestic titanium steel composite plates, the explosive welding area is generally only between 10 and 20 m2, and as the width of the plate continues to increase, the thickness of the composite plate is also required to increase stepwise, which cannot meet the ship and The requirements for large-area ultra-thin titanium steel composite panels in the petrochemical equipment field.

According to the introduction of the technicians of Titanium Co., the development of the titanium steel composite panel with a width of 3 meters, a length of 12 meters and a surface area of 36 square meters has refreshed the record of domestic titanium steel explosive composite panels. The product can be used as a blank for large-faced ultra-thin titanium steel composite panels, providing more efficient and reliable raw materials for domestic marine equipment and chemical equipment manufacturing. This technology and products will play a positive role in the future production of domestic corrosion resistant equipment.

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