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The First Titanium 3D Print Sacroiliac Implant Was Approved By The FDA
Jul 03, 2017

It is reported that the California medical device company SI-BONE iFuse-3D implants successfully approved by FDA, it is also the first for the sacroiliac joint (SI) titanium 3D print implants. At present, the company has announced the introduction of the 3D print implants in u.s.. The SI joint is located between the iliac bone of the sacrum and pelvis and is caused by chronic low back pain between 15% and 30%.

With iFuse-3D implants being approved by the FDA, SI-BONE is launching its first 3D print implant for SI arthrodesis. According to reports, iFuse-3D implants are made with a proprietary 3D printing process. The process produces a unique, patented, porous design and enhanced porous surface that mimics the trabecular structure of cancellous bone.

With its unique 3D printing titanium structure, iFuse-3D implants provide the right conditions for promoting growth in all aspects of bone. Based on the original iFuse implant, it has been recognized by a variety of related publications and has been used in 26000 operations since 2009.

"After many years of effort, we have designed and developed iFuse-3D implants. It has a beam like surface, and its surface area is 250% of our very successful iFuse implants. In addition, the structured orifice allows for full growth of the skeleton, the company said.

In May 30th, the iFuse-3D implants were officially patented in the United States, and the 3D print implants and their structural design features will be protected for 17 years, until September 2035.

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