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The First In The Country! The National Treasure Giant Panda Has A Broken Tooth And Made A Titanium Crown!
Dec 29, 2018

Yesterday, the media reported such a news: A few days ago, the Taipei City Zoo nurses found that its upper left canine ruptured and bleed when helping the "group" of the action animal training course.

The zoo immediately contacted the medical team for emergency dental examination and treatment.

Upon examination by the medical team, it was found that the upper left canine crown of the "Panda" giant panda was broken, the pulp cavity was exposed, and there was a risk of infection. The nerve must be protected and activated before the pulp tissue is damaged.

In order to allow the "group" to preserve the teeth, maintain the function of bamboo sticks and avoid the broken teeth. Therefore, the pulp therapy is first performed to remove the local inflamed infected pulp tissue and to fill the trioxinated polymer to protect and activate the nerve.

On the same day, a dental impression was made and a crown was made of titanium. On December 23, the medical team reunited to install the titanium crown for the “group”.

What is a titanium crown? Can people do it? Giant pandas eat bamboo for a living, and bamboo is a very hard food.

Therefore, the giant panda should use the dog's teeth to bite the bamboo pole, so the "titanium" material is used to make a hard crown for the giant panda.

There are many characteristics of titanium, such as strong biocompatibility, non-toxicity and no body rejection, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high hardness and strong acid resistance.

Therefore, titanium is widely used in medicine. For example, dental implants are made of titanium.

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