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The First Civilian China Titanium Industry Seminar Held In Shanghai
Nov 10, 2017

               The first civilian China titanium industry seminar held in Shanghai

In October 21, 2017 the first China titanium industry civilian exchange held in Shanghai science and technology beijing. Co sponsored the meeting by Chinese Journal of nonferrous metal and titanium micro media, Shanghai Jinfu titanium manufacturing factory. At the meeting, there were more than 100 college students from domestic universities, research institutes, experts and professors in the industry and titanium industry entrepreneurs from all over the country. Mr. Cao Chunxiao, academician Chinese attends a meeting and make a speech, China nonferrous metals daily reporter Pan Tingxiang opening speech, nonferrous metal editor Chen Yan, Baoji Titanium Industry Association member enterprise "Baoji BaoTi metal products Co. Ltd. executive director and general manager Mr. Gao Lin Ma Junfeng attended the meeting and spoke at the meeting.

In order to better promote and promote the application of titanium, titanium products upgrade, and expand the use of titanium daily necessities in the lives of ordinary people. In June this year by the Chinese Journal of nonferrous metal and titanium micro media combined with the seventeenth Chinese International Hardware Exhibition on October 22-24 at the National Convention Center (Shanghai) held the opportunity, with echoes that of international and domestic buyers preferred professional hardware procurement platform, and vigorously promote the titanium and titanium supplies, held the professional event for China the development of titanium industry products. Chinese International Hardware Exhibition was founded in 2001, located in the "market oriented technology oriented, internationalized, high level", was honored as the "barometer China hardware market, technology development leader, first proposed the" two legs "industry development concept, has made great contribution to China's hardware industry enterprises to develop domestic and international markets, known as the industry is" foreign trade balance development "advocates. In such a background, Chinese titanium industry experts, entrepreneurs, gathering in Shanghai science and technology city for the first time, unite all forces, gather our wisdom, inspire potential, seek common development of the civilian China titanium industry.

"Three people, there must be my teacher", seeking industrial development needs feelings, but also need the wisdom of the people. Through the first 2017 Chinese titanium industry civilian exchanges will be held, will reveal the development of civilian titanium veil, by Shanghai science and technology city "brainstorming", will be out of a media and enterprises to jointly promote the transfer, wisdom, health, titanium titanium titanium products development, explore the civil product titanium industry community. The meeting proposed timely establishment of civil titanium industry alliance, to enhance the upstream and downstream industry and market docking and integration, build titanium civilian enterprises home, common exchanges solve product design and manufacturing processes and materials, such as titanium products terminal market high-end industrialization. In the Cao Chunxiao academicians and experts and scholars under the guidance, in all the entrepreneurs and colleagues in the practice of observation, understanding, through the discussion, we put forward the research and Discussion on the development and operation mode of promotion of many civilian titanium products, titanium products for the industry standard, how to promote the development of the industry, policy and method how to cooperate with other industries of innovation. Through this conference, will open a new era of civilian China titanium, titanium industry in the development of civilian industry in the future China journey, see the fruitful results of the Our wills unite like a fortress. (titanium industry information network)

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