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The Experimentation Area Will Gradually Establish Patent Navigation System
Dec 07, 2015

Starting this year, the experimentation area will gradually establish patent navigation system, the formation of government, industry, enterprises and institutions of the three linkage patent navigation operation mechanism, the introduction of patent navigation support policies to promote patent navigation technology innovation, organization of major technology research, to establish special funds to promote research and development, to explore the formation of government guidance, industry collaboration, business involvement in the introduction of training, to create titanium and titanium alloy industry talent pool, promote industrial upgrading.

Perfect system to establish the right to say

Open "Baoji national high-tech industrial base construction planning and development plan", "Baoji - China Titanium Valley" has a clear positioning: the "Baoji - China Titanium Valley" industry cluster to create a world famous, domestic first-class, with distinct characteristics and competitive advantages of the new high-tech industry base. As the industrial base, "Baoji - China Titanium Valley not only to have scale advantages, should is a leader in the industry forward, the industrial development of the pilot, on the development of the industry has an important voice.

In order to further enhance the development of the industry in the development of titanium in the leading ability and the right to say, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to achieve innovation and development, this year, the city will accelerate the construction of national titanium products quality supervision and inspection center. At present, the testing center preparatory work is nearing completion, will start construction in the near future.


supervision and testing center in 2016 will achieve the overall function, with the ability to carry out high-end testing services and new material analysis and testing research, the annual testing capacity of 30 more than a sample. By providing product testing, technology upgrading, process design and other services, it can solve the problems of small and micro enterprises in the cluster, improve the industrial competitiveness and product manufacturing standards, and promote the development and refinement of industrial technology standards.

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