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The Birth Of Ti Buddha
Nov 07, 2017

                                             The birth of Ti Buddha

In October 30th, the global first titanium Buddha Amitabha - led icon, after more than a year of preparation, the parties finally in good congregation's unremitting efforts, in the township village of Cixian city of Handan province Hebei lotus all Party Foshan plastic made successfully. The construction of the Titanic Buddha is a pioneering move in the art of Buddhist statues and a milestone in the field of titanium processing. The statue of the Golden Buddha is not only a solemn icon, but also a belief and spirit.

Taihang, dragon rolling, Buddha glory, the celebration. Around the village of Cixian in Hebei Province, lotus township of Handan city party mountains, around it, like a blooming lotus, hence the name of the village. In the Lotus Village, there is a Guanyin temple. Stand in the Guanyin hall two floor platform far to the west, the Buddha under the shade of the mountains like a reclining Buddha, serene lying in front of people. In the hill of the abdomen seems like a statue of Buddha Buddha sitting cross legged meditation, solemn demeanor. In the sitting Buddha hill top, it stands first in the world by making the titanium gold statue of Buddha statue of Amitabha. San Fernando proudly mountains, overlooking the world, save the lost people. The whole picture is formed, Buddha seated Buddha, standing Buddha with the co-occurrence of magical scene.

In 2011, the Gao Dehai scholar Guanyintang over seventy years of age, a lifetime savings rate, all believers, Guanyintang expansion of rehabilitation, and in early October 2013 five, held the opening ceremony, President of the Buddhist Association of Shanxi Mount Wutai to master Chang presided over the opening will be good. In 2015, the Gao Dehai scholar heart hospice built in Lotus Village of West Foshan, and at the top of the mountain to build Jieyin Buddha statue. At the same time, Beijing Antaike Information Development Co was appointed as a layman and a friend to visit Guanyin hall. He talked about the construction of Buddha with Gao Dehai. A high initial idea to build a white marble white marble, but large weight, in order to establish in the Great Buddha Mountain difficult. Ren suggested that the light weight, strength and corrosion resistant titanium could be used as the material of Buddha statues, and the construction of titanium Buddha would be complicated. After Chinese titanium zirconium and hafnium association director Hao Bin, Baoji Dongyang Metal Co. Ltd. chairman Zheng Yongli, a manager of northeast peak collar titanium industry entrepreneurs and nonferrous metal industry information center Chinese Dr. Zhang Fang and other experts to conduct demonstration of materials and processing technology, Beijing Hongzhou sculpture group vice president Liu Hongtu lay, the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Yixian sculpture base manager Li Shuai) forging, welding technology is studied, especially the vice president of the Buddhist Association of China master Yan Jue's encouragement and recognition, finally determined using titanium as raw material, construction of the world's first titanium Buddha statue.

Titanium is a chemical element, and it is a silver transition metal. Titanium is characterized by light weight, low density, high strength and specific strength at the head of the metal. It is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, strong acid and strong alkali. Titanium and titanium alloys are widely used in various aspects, including aerospace, military machinery, industrial program, automobile manufacturing, Agro food, medical equipments, sporting goods, jewelry and mobile phone etc.. According to the experiment, titanium into the seabed 20--50 years will not be corroded; made of titanium alloy aircraft than other metals made the same heavy aircraft carrying more than 100 passengers; made submarine dive depth is 80% higher than that of stainless steel titanium submarines, non-magnetic, mine will not be found, has good anti monitoring function. In addition, titanium has the characteristics of "affinity", and has a good compatibility with human body. Titanium is widely distributed in the human body, the content of normal human in every 70kg weight of not more than 15mg, can stimulate phagocytic cells, enhance immunity, resist corrosion non-toxic secretions, can adapt to any sterilization method, is widely used in the manufacture of artificial hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint, stress, skull, active heart valve, bone fixing clip and other medical devices.

Making Buddha with titanium is a great event that people have been longing for. Located in Hainan, Sanya, Nanhai Guanyin icon was conceived to be made of titanium, but eventually due to the difficulties of technology and raw materials can not do so, but the lotus throne petals using titanium alloy material. Just built in Lotus Village this statue of the world's first statue of Buddha as the Buddha statues made of titanium, and from the Yungang Grottoes, the Donglin Temple Buddha statues of Mount Lu, a master of Arts and crafts Chinese Mr. Liu Hongli personally finalized his, Buddha 9.1 meters tall, lotus seat, 2 meters high, all made of titanium alloy plate by forging and welding. Polished surface drawing. Started in May 3, 2016, completed in October 18th, by 30, 50 clay master and master 10 master forging grinding lasted 168 days, the first use of 6.6 tons of clay statues, model mold Statues Model of 1:10 2 and 1:1 1 bronze statue, with 261 square meters of glass steel mold Statues Model 1:1 1 statues, finally use 2560 pieces of titanium alloy plate forging welding wire drawing success. Each piece of titanium plate to go through hundreds, or even thousands of times to hammer forging molding; each weld should be in temperature and humidity and wind conditions are very strict, welding can be successful; every inch of the surface to use the mill grind wheel with high density, can be integrated. "Due to conditioned fruit season, three hearts are one icon Hin" can be said that the titanium Buddha built, is the most advanced and most perfect crystalline materials in traditional technology, is natural, and the common skill, is the biggest achievement of devotion and artisan spirit.

"Inner beings Amitabha, ten survived after success". Although we can see the Buddha titanium was enshrined in the Foshan first Mandala today, actually has been standing Buddha

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