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The Baoji Longchi Titanium Zirconium Limited Company Produced A New Product About Pure Titanium Wire
Feb 09, 2018

  The reporter interviewed the production diameter 0.2mm pure titanium wire of baoji longchi titanium zirconium limited company general manager he xiaolong. He said that the company's self-developed ultra-fine pure titanium wire production technology has been successfully converted into productivity and can be produced in batches according to the needs of users. He said that the company produces 0.2mm pure titanium wire to adopt ultrasonic cleaning, titanium silk bright and clear, maintain the silver color of titanium. It is reported that this technology technology has been in the forefront of the country.



  There are many advantages of using the titanium zirconium technology directly "pull" and ultrasonic cleaning: Simplifies the process of titanium wire, reduced the intangible loss, avoid titanium wire annealing the acid and alkali washing process to reduce the pollution, ensure the good performance of the titanium wire hardness and elasticity, attract the attention of the aesthetic on the pure titanium surface, has the good economic benefit and social benefit. 


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