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Talking About The Titanium Parts On The Ship
Mar 13, 2017

Titanium and titanium alloys can be used to make many parts of the ship, it is difficult to inventory is clear, and now only talk about those who get practical applications and show that the effective parts. Japan has made a systematic study and evaluation of the parts made of titanium alloy available on ships.

Sonar dome with excellent comprehensive performance

In the former Soviet Union and Russia, the last production of ship nano acoustic flow cover is made of glass steel (FRP) manufacturing, then mostly use titanium alloy that: titanium alloy dome has excellent comprehensive performance, their production of "Kursk" on the sonar system is used titanium alloy manufacturing. China's purchase of K877 boats, K636 boats, 956 boats, "Liaoning" aircraft carrier, such as sonar dome is made of titanium alloy. China earlier built naval sonar dome surface according to underwater applications, the requirements are different, some made of stainless steel, some glass steel manufacturing, the "95" period of titanium dome made a comprehensive in-depth study, and achieved fruitful results, now gradually changed with titanium alloy.

The life of titanium spiral is 5 times longer than that of copper alloy

The requirements of the ship's propeller to the material are: high strength, strong anti fatigue performance, erosion and cavitation corrosion. Titanium alloy is the best material to meet these requirements. The United States Navy in the hydrofoil with the diameter of 1500mm, four removable titanium alloy supercavitating propeller. In 1972 China developed hydrofoil yacht titanium alloy screw, all kinds of the pulp to 2014 is estimated to have production diameter of 450mm~1500mm is about 800, the maximum quality of more than 160kg. But the long-term use and operation show that the advantages and the axis in the manufacturing cost of titanium alloy propeller is not fully apparent, so the application of titanium alloy propeller has not yet reached the practical stage, further development and promotion. It also includes rudder and bearing seat, etc..

Engine exhaust pipe and muffler

In medium boat, engine exhaust gas temperature up to 500 DEG C, the exhaust from the stern of the ship through the pipeline, on the one hand to the tube (double cooling tube) through the cooling water, cooling the exhaust gas, on the other hand to install muffler (Silencer), so that the exhaust noise is below 60dB, titanium is a good material for manufacturing the muffler: better than Aluminum Alloy durability under high temperature and long, low density than stainless steel, and good silencing effect.

In Japan the inverter silencer (Minxing mixer) have been replaced by titanium, the reason manufacturing titanium mixer are: high temperature side of the high temperature of 500 DEG C, material with high temperature enduring strength good; the cold end temperature is not high, at around 100 degrees, but in contact with seawater. Need to have high corrosion resistance. The medium frequency conversion device high speed ships mostly made of aluminum, but aluminum high temperature performance is not good, easy in weld and heat affected zone cracking, the low temperature end is susceptible to corrosion; such as stainless steel, welding parts of stress corrosion cracking. They are used for a period of 5a~10a, the need for multiple maintenance.

The strength of titanium is higher than that of aluminum, and the thickness of titanium material is much thinner than that of aluminum plate, which is thinner than that of stainless steel at about 40%. In addition, the price of finished products, titanium products for aluminum and stainless steel products about 2 times. If you consider the cost of maintenance and replacement of the cost of the new zero, the use of titanium parts will undoubtedly be much more cost-effective. Japan Maritime Safety Agency on 2002, the ship's water and exhaust gas mixing device will be used to manufacture titanium.

Pump, valve and piping on ships such as the engine cooling water and fire water piping system working condition is very bad, the past is made of copper, is also useful in anti-corrosion coating layer of steel and stainless steel pipe manufacturing, but their service time is not long, only 2a~5a, if modified by titanium and titanium valve pump titanium pipes life of up to 25a~30a, not only the total cost is greatly reduced, and during operation is safe and reliable, no corrosion, leakage and other safety accidents. Former Soviet Union - Russia's standards, titanium pipe life of 3 years: the first period of 8a~9a, the first time into the dock maintenance; the service life of the second should not be less than 15A; the third time for 5a~10a. Requires the use of grade ships should be reliable operation during 25a~30a. At present, titanium and titanium alloys in all the structural materials can meet this requirement, but also the highest cost-effective materials.


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