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TA1 Titanium Wire Characteristics, Titanium Wire Application, Titanium Wire Process
Jan 02, 2019

1, TA1 titanium welding wire product information

Product Name: Titanium welding wire
Executive standard:GB/T 3623-2007
Chemical composition:
Mechanical properties:
Tensile strength:>240Mpa; Elongation A: >15%
Advantages: easy to weld, corrosion resistant, anti-oxidation, lightweight


1. Product quality certificate, an original test report of Bao Titan Test Center or Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute;

2. To meet the various packaging requirements of customers;

3. The customer will raise an objection within 30 days after receiving the goods, we will provide you with return service;

4. The fastest delivery speed;

2, Titanium welding wire application

medical wire -1

Titanium and titanium alloys have good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, non-magnetic properties, high biocompatibility, low impedance to ultrasonic waves, high sound transmission coefficient, hydrogen storage, and good shape memory function. The excellent use of important value in use has led to important uses in aerospace, petrochemical, medical, automotive, construction, and sports and leisure products.

As an important variety of titanium alloy materials, titanium wire has made great progress in terms of output, specifications, and applications. In general, titanium and titanium alloy wires refer to titanium products supplied in a circular shape and are also supplied in the form of straight wires. In terms of diameter, the division of bars and wires is not strict and varies from country to country. Moreover, in recent years, due to its continuous development, the variety has become more and more, which provides more choices for high-performance industrial products and consumer products.

3, Titanium welding wire process

Titanium wire69

Wire rolling of titanium wire, titanium welding wire, etc. is a disk-formed or single-threaded product obtained by drawing titanium and titanium alloy wire blanks (made or single), including titanium iodide Wire, titanium-molybdenum alloy wire, titanium-rhenium alloy wire, industrial pure titanium wire, and other titanium alloy wire. The iodized wire is used in industrial sectors such as instruments, meters, and electronics.

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