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Strategic Alliance Of Vanadium And Titanium Received 2016 Annual Activity Higher Evaluation
Sep 12, 2017

  Strategic alliance of vanadium and titanium received 2016 annual activity higher evaluation

The day before, the development of network organizations 2016 annual activity evaluation was rated the

 alliance high active evaluation of Collaborative Strategic Alliance in China vanadium industry technology 

innovation strategic alliance.

It is reported that the participation in the evaluation of cooperative development network information 

entry 100 national pilot alliance, the evaluation time for January 1, 2016 to January 27, 2017. The content 

of the evaluation includes three aspects: the construction and operation of the alliance organization, the

 cooperative innovation activities of the alliance and the effectiveness of the industry development. The 

evaluation results show that the active high (85 to 100) were 29, accounting for 19.86% of the total 

number of pilot Union; high active (70 to 84) of the League a total of 23, accounting for 15.75% of the 

total number of pilot Union; in addition to the general activity of the 30 active, 18 degree difference.

The union of vanadium and titanium was established in July 12, 2011. It was established jointly by 

Pangang Group Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences, Process Engineering Institute, 5 domestic 

enterprises and 15 scientific research institutions. At present, the vanadium and titanium unit has grown 

to 25, including 9 research institutes, 11 universities and 5 enterprises. The alliance aims to China Panxi 

vanadium titanium resource, important vanadium resource in other regions, combined with domestic key

 enterprises, research institutes and Universities - R & D, construction of public innovation platform and 

information exchange platform in the framework of the league, with high efficiency, low cost, clean 

production as the goal, to undertake strategic original, prospective, major research projects, the 

formation of the core technology competitiveness and comprehensive utilization of titanium resources in

 China as the carrier, efforts to solve the major technical bottleneck of the development of China's 

vanadium industry, improve China's vanadium resource comprehensive utilization efficiency and overall

 technical level, enhance the core competitiveness of China's Vanadium and titanium industry and 

comprehensive strength, promote to promote the healthy development of vanadium industry, vanadium

 resources in our country are efficient and clean, sustainable utilization.

China has sounded the innovative country, the construction of the world science and technology of the 

horn, the new organization form alliance as the combination of collaborative innovation, has become an 

important carrier of the implementation of national innovation driven strategy, the construction of 

technology innovation system in china.

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