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Sputtering (sputtering) Is A Kind Of Preparation Technology Of PVD Thin Film.
Nov 16, 2016

Sputtering (sputtering) is a kind of preparation technology of PVD thin film, which is mainly divided into four kinds: DC sputtering, AC sputtering, reactive sputtering and magnetron sputtering.

PVD thin film preparation technology: sputtering

Principle as graph:

Principle: the bombardment of the target with charged particles, accelerated ion bombardment of solid surface, surface atomic collision and transfer of energy and momentum, so that the target atoms escape from the surface and deposited on the substrate material process. The charged particles (commonly used gas positive ions) target surface bombardment of a material, the surface of the target atoms or molecules escape from the phenomenon, at the same time, due to the conversion of the sputtering process containing momentum, so the sputtered particles is directional.

Use: it can make the surface of metal, alloy or dielectric film on the surface of the base material. Suitable for manufacturing thin film integrated circuit, chip lead device and semiconductor device.

Method: sputtered thin films are usually produced in the plasma of inert gas (such as argon).

Features: the sputtering process has the advantages of low substrate temperature, thin film quality, uniform and compact structure, good firmness and reproducibility.

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