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Sputtering Principle
Oct 25, 2016

The so-called sputtering method is a semiconductor or FPD manufacturing, widely used in one of the film manufacturing technology, by dozens of nm to a few m, for the production of very equal film method. Sputtering target material, such as metal or ceramic is often used. Sputtering is the argon ion impact target, the atomic (molecular) release and on the substrate to form a thin film. The material, such as ITO or manganese, is a kind of excellent technology which can form the compound film and make it equal to the film.

FPD (flat panel display) target

LCD target product information

ITO target

What is ITO?

The so-called ITO (indium tin oxide) is a representative of transparent conductive thin film materials, for now manufacturing FPD (flat panel display), one of the necessary materials. Because it is one of the transparent and conductive materials, in the use of FPD, LCD, PDP, organic TOUCH, PANEL EL is widely used, and is one of the materials used. Also, part of the thin film solar cells, LED is also used. General ITO sputtering method, in the form of thin films to be used. The basic characteristics of the film is that the visible light transmittance of 90% or more, the impedance rate of -cm 0.2m, durability is also very good, FPD transparent conductive film with more than 90% is the use of ITO.

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