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Nov 10, 2016

Sputtering is another way of physical vapor deposition technology.


What is sputtering technology?

Sputtering is another way of physical vapor deposition technology. The sputtering process is made by ion bombardment of the target surface, the target material bombarded out technology. Inert gases, such as argon, are filled with a vacuum chamber. By using the high voltage to generate glow discharge ion acceleration to the target surface. The target material from the surface of argon ion bombardment (sputtering), in front of the target is deposited on the workpiece coating. Usually need to use other gases, such as nitrogen and acetylene, and was out of the sputtering target material reaction. Sputtering technology can be used to prepare a variety of coating. Sputtering technology has many advantages (e.g. Ti, Cr, Zr, and C) on the decorative coating, because the coating is very smooth. This advantage makes the sputtering technology is also widely used in the field of Tribology in the automotive market. (for example, CrN, Cr2N, and a variety of diamond (DLC) coatings).

Advantages of sputtering technology:

+ target adopts water cooling, reduce heat radiation

+ need not decompose under the condition of almost any metal materials can be used as a sputtering target

The insulating material can also be sputtered by using radio frequency or intermediate frequency power supply

Preparation of oxides as possible (reactive sputtering)

Good coating uniformity

The coating is very smooth (no droplets)

+ cathode (maximum 2m length) can be placed in any position to improve the flexibility of the device design

Disadvantages of sputtering techniques:

Compared with the arc technique, the lower deposition rate

Compared with arc plasma, the plasma density is lower (~5%), and the binding force of the coating and the lower density of the coating are lower.

Sputtering technology has many forms, here we will explain some of them. The sputtering technology can be realized in Hauser equipment.

The use of magnetic field magnetron sputtering target plasma enhanced ion bombardment in front, and improve the plasma density.

UBM sputtering is the abbreviation of unbalanced magnetron sputtering. Enhanced magnetic field coils are used to enhance the plasma density near the workpiece. More dense coatings can be obtained. Used in the UBM process is higher

The energy, so the temperature will rise accordingly.

Closed field sputtering using magnetic field distribution to limit the plasma in a closed field. To reduce the loss of the target material of vacuum chamber and the plasma is more close to the workpiece. The dense coating can be obtained and the

The vacuum chamber is kept relatively clean.

Twin target sputtering (DMS) is a technique used to deposit the insulator coating. Alternating current (AC) is used on two cathodes instead of direct current (DC) between the cathode and the vacuum chamber. This makes the target

Self cleaning function. Twin target magnetron sputtering for high speed deposition, such as oxide coating.

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