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South Korea Titanium Products Exports Continued To Grow
Apr 11, 2017

According to the South Korean steel metal news, since this year, South Korea titanium processing exports continued to grow, mainly because of sluggish domestic sales in South Korea, major companies have to expand exports, the titanium pipe products export growth momentum of the most eye-catching.

In South Korea, titanium processing products, including plates, tubes, rods and wires, etc., the main downstream demand is the equipment manufacturing industry, but in the past 4 years, demand has continued to shrink. South Korea's titanium processing business investment is mainly concentrated in the pipe manufacturing, so the proportion of pipe products accounted for an overwhelming advantage in exports has played a leading role. Although exports continue to grow, but the processing rate of titanium processing products is still relatively low, only when the South Korean domestic sales substantial improvement in demand in order to really grow.

At the same time, the growth of exports, imports are also synchronized growth. As a result of the growth of output of Korean pipe products, imports of raw materials increased significantly, but imports of pipe products have declined. 1~11 months this year, the total imports of titanium processing products in Korea 5601 tons, an increase of 4532 tons last year, up to 23.6%.

Among them, the plate imports 3790 tons, an increase of over the same period last year, an increase of 48.2% tons of pipe imports of 523 tons, a decrease of 27.9%; rod and wire products imported slightly higher than last year's level, a total of 1288 tons.

Exports, all products have increased significantly, the total amount of exports in this year, 1~11 3864 tons, up sharply last year, a substantial increase of about 1274 tons. The pipes occupy the bulk, at the end of November this year, total exports of 2549 tons, up 380 tons last year increased by about 570.8%; lumber exports 1066 tons, up 722 tons last year, up 47.6%; wire rod is 249 tons, an increase of about 44.8%. (source: China Nonferrous network)

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