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Small Body Big Kill Device, Mini EDC Pure Titanium Alloy, Forged Coin Knife
Sep 11, 2017

This is the top of the coin knife, the blade is used M390 of Kobelco, since it is a knife, it must do the incomparable beauty and his practical, so choose a knife on the blade and conventional knife, the more you use the more sharp knife, remove your worries by grinding, handle is the titanium alloy, high-end atmosphere, full CNC patterns, both in practical or in the decoration, is no substitute for.

This knife through strict grinding, proofing, polishing and other multi-channel grinding process, the hardness is very high, better texture, more functions.

Details of the deal in place, one hand smooth opening and closing, a pearl, the EDC lock free, open and close all clear clatter, closed open by the positioning bead, high force EDC toys, can also be hung on the keychain or pocket, can also be hung on the neck.

As the name suggests, a small knife so small. His main function is to open the parcel, cutting small things, although it has very beautiful appearance, almost jewelry hook, but his function can not be lost after the line edge grinding method can make the knife becomes sharp, durable, make it play a real the function of.

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