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Shaanxi Province To Promote The Development Of Non-ferrous Metals Industry Eight Key Tasks
May 03, 2017

The general office of the Shaanxi provincial government issued "on the day before to create a good market environment to promote the structural adjustment of nonferrous metal industry to promote the implementation of the views of" transformation and increase the efficiency of the Shaanxi province to promote the healthy development of the nonferrous metal industry eight key tasks, and proposed that by 2020, Shaanxi province nonferrous metal industrial added value reached 100 billion yuan, the main business income into the top 10, built an important domestic non-ferrous metal processing production base.

It is understood that non-ferrous metals is an important raw material to support the development of strategic emerging industries in the national economic construction and social development indispensable. Shaanxi Province, as a province of nonferrous metals, vanadium, titanium, molybdenum, magnesium and other metal reserves and annual production ranks the forefront of the world, non-ferrous metals industry has become one of the important pillar industries in Shaanxi province.

Strengthening technological innovation is the primary task of promoting the transformation of Shaanxi nonferrous metals industry. "Opinions" clear, innovation "Internet plus colored" mode, promote the business innovation and model innovation. The implementation of key process control engineering and intelligent manufacturing engineering, intelligent manufacturing demonstration plant for the national pilot. Guide enterprises to increase investment in R & D and technological transformation, and promote the coordination of industry, research and innovation, the formation of a number of industries with continuous innovation capability.

The development of nonferrous metals industry in Shaanxi province is an important way to expand the market application, develop the deep processing and speed up the industrial agglomeration. Opinions clear, to accelerate the development of titanium, molybdenum, aluminum magnesium, lead and zinc, vanadium and other new materials, expand consumption and space. With high performance titanium alloy structural materials, new functional materials and advanced composite materials as the focus, fully completed in the structure of the titanium alloy as the main function of titanium alloy, titanium alloy, titanium alloy and deep processing equipment used for the new system of the industrial structure branch. We will strengthen the extension of the molybdenum industry chain, focus on the development of lightweight aluminum alloy materials, graphene based composite materials and laminated metal plates, and actively develop new types of aluminum alloy profiles. Focusing on the research of new material of high strength, heat resistance and super light magnesium alloy, a new type of lightweight magnesium alloy was developed. Relying on leading enterprises, major projects and key technologies to tackle the problem, lengthen the industrial chain, bigger industrial clusters.

Opinions also clear, to promote the transformation of non-ferrous metals industry, strengthen the promotion of energy-saving environmental protection technology, technology, equipment. Encourage enterprises in Shaanxi province to rely on advanced technology and equipment to participate in the global mining market cooperation and competition. Strictly control the new capacity of electrolytic aluminum industry, accelerate the exit of excess capacity, and promote the adjustment of non-ferrous metals industry in Shaanxi Province, restructuring and efficiency.

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