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Selection Of Rolling Process And Parameters Of Titanium Welding Wire And Titanium Alloy Wire
Jan 02, 2019

Titanium and titanium alloy wire and titanium wire rolling are made of titanium and titanium alloy wire blanks (disk or single), which are obtained by drawing and forming a disk or single wire product, including titanium iodide. Wire, titanium-molybdenum alloy wire, titanium-rhenium alloy wire, industrial pure titanium wire, and other titanium alloy wire. Titanium iodide wire is used in industrial sectors such as instruments, meters, and electronics. The Ti-15Mo alloy wire is an ultra-high vacuum titanium ion pump suction source material. The Ti-15Ta alloy wire is a getter material for the ultra-high vacuum industrial sector. Industrial pure titanium and other titanium alloy wires include industrial pure titanium wire, Ti-3A1 wire, Ti-4A1-0.005B wire, Ti-5AI wire, Ti-5Al-2.5Sn wire, Ti-5Al-2.5Sn-3Cu-l .5Zr wire, Ti-2A1_1.5Mn wire, Ti-3A1-1.5Mn wire, Ti-5A1-4V wire, Ti-6A1-4V wire, etc., used as corrosion resistant parts, electrode materials, welding materials, etc., high-strength TB2 and TB3 alloy wire is used in the aerospace and aerospace industries.

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1), heating system and finishing temperature. The heating temperature of the β-type titanium alloy before rolling is slightly lower than the (a+P)/P phase transition temperature. The rolling process is completed in the a+P phase region; “The titanium alloy is heated in the a+p phase region; (the heating temperature of the type 3 titanium alloy is higher than the p-transition temperature. The heating time is calculated as 1~1.5mm/min. Titanium And the heating temperature of the titanium bar billet before rolling and the finishing temperature of the profile are basically the same as the final milk temperature of the dairy bar.

2), the choice of other process parameters. Due to the large output of rolled profiles of titanium and titanium alloys, the length of the products should not be too short, and the rolling speed should not be too large. In the actual production process, the rolling speed is generally 1~3m/s.

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3) According to the deformation resistance, wide expansion value and elongation of the titanium alloy, a roll-type rolled titanium alloy profile suitable for various steel profiles of the titanium alloy is selected. If the titanium alloy profile is large in volume, the roll-type rolled titanium alloy profile for titanium alloy can be designed according to the characteristics of the titanium alloy.

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