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Samsung Will Launch OLED Mobile Phone Can Bend The Target Needs Outbreak
Nov 08, 2016

According to media reports, the next Samsung will launch two OLED screen intelligent mobile phone products, which is a smart mobile phone screen can be folded like that makeup box, the other one is the "two in one" intelligent mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone will become the 5 inch screen out 8 inch tablet computer. These two can be bent over the first smart phone will be released next year, the World Conference on mobile communications in Barcelona. Prior to the news that Apple will be released next year, OLED display phone.

Insiders said that the flexibility is OLED killer, curly is the ultimate form of OLED. The key is to realize the flexible film material, and the target is the main raw material of electronic film materials. The future use of flexible OLED films will increase significantly, target demand there will be a corresponding increase. It is predicted that the next 5 years, the sputtering target market size will exceed $16 billion.

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