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Russia Chepetsk Machinery Factory Signed A Contract With The European Distributor For Titanium
Mar 25, 2017

Russian TVEL and chepetsk Machinery Factory (Chepetsky Mechanical Plant, referred to as ChMP, is located in the Udmurt Republic glazov city) successfully work together with European distributors signed titanium mill products contract, the contract is valid for five years.

During the term of the contract, plans to provide more than 1 thousand tons of titanium products for the European market ChMP production. According to the supply contract, the supply of titanium products will increase exponentially every year, peaking in 2021. Plans in the first quarter of 2017 to complete the first batch of titanium products.

ChMP general manager Constantine said: "huelga? Zuof increments determined in accordance with the delivery schedule to help enterprises to gradually improve the yield of titanium, and ultimately increase the actual yield".

The total contract value of up to about 2000000000 rubles.

Constantine Verga? Zoff also stressed: "current supply contract with India, Singapore and the United States company 10-20 tons. European dealers decided to sign the contract last year after obtaining a successful trial supply of ChMP".

ChMP titanium products are mainly used in industry, including aviation and automobile manufacturing industry.

Russia chepetsk Machinery Factory is a joint-stock company, belonging to the Russian state atomic energy company TVEL fuel ROSATOM. Chepetsk mechanical factory is zirconium and zirconium alloys, the world's leading producer of uranium, calcium metal, with technology, structural materials and nuclear fuel manufacturing process chain of the most important industrial products.

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