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Recuperative Heat Exchanger Is The Most Typical: Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger
Feb 23, 2017

The heat exchanger is a kind of heat transfer and energy saving equipment materials are implemented at different temperatures of two or more than two kinds of fluids, is made by high temperature heat transfer fluid to the fluid at the lower temperature, the temperature of fluid flow to the provisions of the indicators, to meet the conditions of needs, but also improve the the main equipment of energy utilization. Heat exchanger industry involved in HVAC, pressure vessels, water treatment equipment, chemical, oil and other more than 30 kinds of industries, the formation of industrial chain.

Heat exchanger: recuperative heat exchanger is the most typical, its applications in the industry has a long history, and still occupy a dominant position in all heat exchangers. The main structure is composed of a heat exchanging plate and a rubber strip between the plates. Long term dominant position in the market, but its large size, low heat transfer efficiency, the replacement of the high price of rubber strips (rubber strip replacement costs accounted for about 1/3-1/2 of the entire process). The utility model is mainly used for the heat transfer between liquid and liquid, and is often referred to as the water water heat transfer in the industry. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient outside the tube, a certain number of transverse baffle plates are installed in the casing. The baffle plate can not only prevent the short circuit of the fluid, increase the fluid velocity, but also force the fluid to flow through the tube bundle according to the prescribed path. There are two kinds of commonly used baffle plate, which are circular shape and disc shape.

Titanium plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of a heat exchanger, a circulating pump, water pump, filter, check valve, butterfly valve, instrument, electric control cabinet and automatic temperature control system. According to the installation of the programmable automatic control system and high frequency electronic descaling instrument, water softening water system, automatic water supply system, constant pressure system, variable frequency and variable flow system, the heat measurement system and a wired or wireless network communication control system, to meet different user requirements for the use of.

The basic structure of the titanium plate heat exchanger: titanium plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of two parts and plate frame. The sheet made of various materials is pressed into various shapes with different forms of abrasive tools, and an angle hole is arranged on the four corners of the plate. The periphery of the plate and the hole are sealed with a rubber gasket. The frame is composed of a fixed clamping plate, a movable clamping plate, an upper and a lower guide rods and a clamping bolt. Titanium plate heat exchanger is the plate to form the stack installed on the middle fixed plate, a movable plate, and the clamping bolt clamping and.

Temperature control principle of titanium plate heat exchanger: constant temperature control system through the two side temperature sensor reads the temperature signal, combined with the outdoor temperature sensor signal as the two side of the water temperature correction reference, then control a side temperature control valve open degree and the operation frequency of circulating pump, automatic adjustment of water temperature and flow, with in order to satisfy the requirements of users. Users can manually set the temperature of the water in place, can also be connected to the remote control in the central control room.

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