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Recen Ttitanium Sponge Market Prices Are Still Strong
Apr 29, 2016

Titanium sponge prices rose slightly this month. Titanium sponge (0) reference price of 47400 yuan / ton, up by 3.49%.

Product analysis: this month titanium sponge Market as a whole is slightly rising trend, tetrachloride titanium rose and titanium sponge tight spotitanium t, the titanium sponge prices strong, 46000 yuan domestic mainstream enterprise BaoTi Huashen sponge 0# quotation / tons, 47000 yuan Shuang Rui Wanji titanium sponge 0# quotation / tons, toward the golden sun of titanium sponge 0# quotation 48000 yuan / tons, the actual transactions talks mainly.

This month: upstream industry chain: titanium concentrate market prices stabilize prices but the hardness of A. High titanium prices rose slightly, four titanium chloride prices, take the goods optimistic. Downstream: titanium market demand is the early rise, but titanium producers multi on-demand procurement, procurement volume enthusiasm remains in the doldrums. Titanium sponge manufacturers spot tight, strong price.

At present, the downstream demand of titanium sponge without obvious volume, and increase the cost of the upstream manufacturers spot tight, prices rose. The recent market price is still strong in titanium sponge.

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