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Raw Material Costs Increased Titanium Slag, Titanium Sponge Prices Or Will Take Off
Apr 11, 2017

Titanium market review February

Influenced by the supply side and the demand side of strong tightening, titanium ore prices continue to rise in February. After the Spring Festival in Panxi ilmenite prices, 2 months late the prices rise again, rose 200 yuan / ton. Then the price will be raised in other areas of titanium. While at the end of the southwest part of mineral origin to usher in a new round of environmental inspectors, so some enterprises to suspend production, resulting in titanium supply increased, the impact is expected in March will be reflected.

The import of titanium, because of its imports cannot make up for the domestic demand gap, resulting in the spot on the market situation of berserk. Imported miners see the trend, cover Xishou, unwilling to release all the goods on the market. While the downstream enterprises in the procurement is also facing great difficulties, not only to buy enough quantity of titanium, ensure normal production, but also to control the purchasing cost is not too high, so as not to appear upside down. Part of the foreign mining market to change Chinese after the Spring Festival, also changed before the positive attitude of the sale, to reduce China sales and enhance the price, the expected future price of imported titanium wave will appear obvious increase.

The price of good effect of titanium, rutile prices also rose steadily. February part of the business will increase the price of rutile 300 yuan / ton. At present, the traditional field of rutile consumption shrinking, but with several domestic chlorination factory production increased gradually, rutile ushered in the new market space. Coupled with the gradual increase in the cost of imports of rutile, its price is also a matter of reason.

February slag prices rose 100 yuan / ton, acid slag prices temporarily stable. But with the upstream raw material prices, titanium can be expected soon after titanium slag prices will usher in a new round of rising. At present, the supply of domestic chlorinated slag is relatively tight, due to the increasing cost of raw materials, and the supply of tight. The future of titanium slag enterprises must improve the purchase price of raw materials to the titanium dioxide industry for titanium, which leads to higher cost and promote the price of titanium slag. The downstream buyers must also be forced to accept higher titanium slag prices, but can not afford the high price of downstream buyers or will face the situation can not buy the product.

After the Spring Festival, the domestic four titanium chloride, titanium sponge prices rise, the main reason is the rising cost of raw materials. In addition to rising prices of chlorinated slag, the price of magnesium ingot this month after a rebound in the short term again. Affected by this, in mid February domestic sponge titanium companies will increase the price of 1000 yuan / ton, while the last day as of February, some companies once again raised the price of titanium sponge, or up to $1000 / ton.

Titanium dioxide market is still the most popular market, a variety of factors to promote the continued high price of titanium dioxide prices. First, the rising cost of raw materials to accelerate the price of titanium dioxide. Secondly, environmental inspection and equipment maintenance of various factors led to the temporary shutdown of some manufacturers, the supply side affected. In addition, the market capital into the cause of titanium dioxide inflated prices, the price is not completely determined by market supply and demand relations, and foreign titanium dioxide enterprises announced the price, to further stimulate the capital market pursued for titanium dioxide. Although some people have questioned the price of titanium dioxide overheating, but in the short term the market will still be in the rising stage.

Titanium dioxide market hot or once again detonated resources battle

Is the most popular in the titanium dioxide and titanium products, and it is benefit from this, titanium ore prices can go up again, resulting in domestic titanium almost out of stock. The popularity of titanium dioxide market may not bring benefits to the industry as a whole. A titanium slag company official told the author that the current price is still higher than the increase of titanium raw material price increase of titanium slag. Titanium dioxide prices pull the price of titanium raw material which pulled the production cost of titanium slag, but this part of the cost can not be completely to downstream transmission. At the same time, the downstream enterprises to bear the high price of titanium temporarily reached the limit, even if prices continue to rise in future titanium in the short term, but the price is a continuous increase of high titanium slag, titanium slag will increase the pressure of enterprises.

This is a simple, enterprises cannot benefit from titanium titanium slag prices, but to face the plight of buy Titanium mine. When titanium enterprises consumed the current inventory, late product prices must be accompanied with titanium ore price rose simultaneously, otherwise the enterprise will afford mine situation, a large number of anatase titanium dioxide enterprises will be robbed". When the price of titanium slag rises, the price of four titanium chloride, titanium sponge and titanium will be adjusted inevitably.

From the supply side, the supply pattern of change in Southwest China will lead to domestic titanium supply appear on the market this year and shrinking, foreign mining also gradually noticed this phenomenon, for the growing appetite. If the titanium dioxide market continues to heat or maintain the current operating rate, then after a lapse of 5 years, China will once again titanium raw material supply crisis. The final price will rise to the price of titanium, although it is difficult to predict, but the trend has gradually emerged. Titanium dioxide, titanium slag, titanium sponge and titanium reduction in these four sectors, unable to raise prices on the cost of raw materials in the enterprises will compete for resources at a disadvantage in the war, it will become the focus of various raw materials to ensure safety of the enterprises need attention again.


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