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Qinghai Shaped Titanium Production Of 20 Tons Of Titanium Ingots Into Asia's Largest Single Titanium Ingot
Apr 24, 2017

Reporters from Qinghai, Xining (national level) economic and Technological Development Zone, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Qinghai shaped titanium production weighing 20 tons of titanium ingots become the country and even the entire range of the largest single titanium ingot.

Ti, I believe a lot of people think of titanium alloy. Today, this new type of manufacturing materials have been more and more in our lives. Spectacle frame, golf club, automobile, artificial bone...... With the rapid development of the times, the use of titanium alloy is more and more widely...... Titanium alloy has gradually become the darling of all fields. Light weight, high strength characteristics, so that titanium alloy has become a sunrise industry.

Single 20 tons of titanium ingots in addition to the big head, in the practical application of how much? Enterprise staff said that now many manufacturers are in the pursuit of the product of the weld gap as little as possible, 20 tons of titanium ingots can meet the requirements of manufacturers. Some products even with a 20 ton titanium ingot can be completed

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