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Prodways Has Developed The Latest Metal 3D Printing Technology
Jul 14, 2017


                                                       Prodways has developed the latest metal 3D printing technology

The French 3D printer manufacturer Prodways GroupeGorg's is a very successful company. In May, Prodways was listed on the European stock exchange. Recently, the company announced that it was about to showcase its latest metal 3D printing technology - rapid incremental forging (RapidAdditiveForging). The technology, which prints large titanium components, may have a major impact on the aerospace industry.

Prodways has submitted patent applications for its new RAF technology. The technology is GroupeGorg and the CommercyRobotique subsidiary development cooperation. CommercyRobotique specializes in robotic welding and has a history of more than 40 years.

Prodways's 3D printer, developed for its new RAF process, uses a robot that is equipped with a head to deposit molten metal into an inert gas environment. The process employs a unique metal deposition technology with an emphasis on process repeatability and metallurgical quality and can print a part in 3D in a matter of hours. The printer will quickly make a good titanium billet with a geometric structure similar to the final part. Titanium billets are then refined.

Prodways has tested the RAF process on different metals, but will use it specially for 3D printing of titanium. A number of aviation companies believe that Prodways's new RAF technology can be applied to nearly 50% of the current titanium parts, so as to save up to 50% of the cost of parts production.

The first metallurgical tests for different parts of the RAF printing process show that the metal 3D and print the typical process, as compared with laser or electron beam sintering process, RAF can realize the mechanical resistance and higher porosity free.

Prodways's third generation prototype prints parts of more than 70 centimeters in size. At present, the company is developing the next version, the largest printable 2 meter parts. Prodways says its new process has attracted attention from several leading industrial groups. As technology develops, they will also provide regular updates.

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