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Pay Close Attention To The Sustainable Development Of Titanium Industry -- Knowledge Of The 2017 International Titanium Materials Conference
Jun 26, 2017


Pay close attention to the sustainable development of titanium industry -- knowledge of the 2017 international titanium materials Conference

In May 25th, the "2017 international titanium materials conference" was held in Kunming by way of metal network. There were more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises and more than 400 participants attended the meeting. Large scale, rare in recent years in the industry. At this meeting, the author's eyes are bright, and a new concept mentioned by all of your industry experts - how to make the titanium industry achieve sustainable development?.

With the deepening of the economic reform in recent years, and the continuous strengthening of the concept of environmental protection, sustainable development has become a familiar term. Review nearly ten years of titanium industry from peak to trough and then to pick up the course of development, we can say that in the past ten years to the great achievement of China to become the world's largest producer of titanium sponge titanium material; the world's largest producer of titanium dioxide; the world's fourth largest enterprises etc.. But behind some achievements, there are still a lot of problems, and these problems also influence whether our titanium industry can achieve sustainable development. After the lecture and discussion by the experts, the author summarizes the main problems at present are the titanium industry in China still exist: one is the contradiction between supply and demand is not high grade raw material solution; two is the capacity utilization rate is not high, there is still overcapacity contradiction; three is the enterprise environmental protection cannot meet the level of contradictions in the new standard the four is lagging behind; the new standard and new technology of innovation, can not meet the contradiction of industry development.

In 2014, China's titanium yield more than 4 million tons, in the global total output accounted for more than 20%. But the vast majority of which are high in calcium and magnesium, phosphorus high sulfur and high chromium manganese silicon impurities such as titanium. Low and high grade raw materials required for chlorination of impurities in the production is still mainly rely on imports. Although since 2013, titanium, Jin Hongshi and other raw material prices continued to decline, high grade raw material self-sufficiency rate is low is to temporarily cover up the contradictions, but the problem has not been fundamentally solved. Along with our country chlorination process titanium dioxide project gradually, titanium products prices rebound in 2016, the first quarter of this year, a substantial increase in overseas mining again Jin Hongshi titanium and other raw material prices, forced domestic downstream product prices again and again. After conduction to downstream, we see titanium material enterprise should face rising sponge titanium raw material price, and downstream client does not accept the double pressure that titanium material rises in price. But this is just a reminder to us, after all, the current domestic chlorination process titanium dioxide production is still limited. But if the temporary raw material prices without considering the change of raw material supply structure, independent control of part of high grade raw material sources, then the future is for US foreign mining "card neck" phenomenon will continue to unfold.

After several years of market adjustment, in 2016 China's sponge titanium production capacity fell to 90 thousand tons, production rose to 65 thousand tons, gratifying results. But after calculation, the industry's overall operating rate has just exceeded 70%, did not reach the recognized level of economic start. Similarly, the titanium dioxide industry in 2016 eye-catching performance, but at the end of the year after statistics found that the average operating rate of the industry is only about 70%, still lower than the 2011 ~2012 operating rate. This also means that the titanium industry in China is still in a state of excess capacity, in product prices at the same time, how to remove the excess capacity, improve the industry overall operating rate to enable enterprises to get better returns, still need to continue efforts to solve the problem. And in the rising cycle, how to control the production capacity is no longer blind growth, but also need wisdom.

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