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Panzhihua Hi Tech Zone And Baoji Hi Tech Zone Signed A Cooperation Agreement To Build A Friendly High-tech Park
Mar 21, 2017

In November 29, 2014, Shaanxi Province, Baoji high tech Zone and Panzhihua high tech Zone in Panzhihua vanadium titanium vanadium titanium Expo jointly signed a cooperation agreement, the two high-tech zones to embrace each other, work together to inject new vitality into the development of China's vanadium industry, a High-tech Zone Industrial Cooperation combination model. Shaanxi high tech Zone Management Committee Director Zhuo Yu said at the signing ceremony: "the two industries, talent and a full range of innovative new forms of cooperation is complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, both sides play their respective advantages of resource and industry to achieve complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, in this way, can the two Park enterprises to build a cooperative and common development and common development platform."

Signing ceremony, Panzhihua hi tech Zone and Baoji hi tech Zone signed a cooperation agreement in five areas. A win-win mechanism, including the two sides to strengthen cooperation in the development of institutional mechanisms, policies and mechanisms, scientific and technological innovation, experience and seminars held at irregular intervals. Sharing the experience of creating a national high tech development zone. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two places and government information and other aspects of communication, build an exchange of information platform. 

The two is to establish enterprise cooperation mechanism, strengthen the industrial cooperation between the two sides, optimize the allocation of resources, to achieve the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure. Make full use of Baoji titanium processing terminal industry advantage and Panzhihua mine mining, vanadium resource rich titanium material, titanium sponge front-end industrial advantages, and jointly promote the development of aerospace and military fields, ocean engineering and civil fields. The two sides through the form of holding shares to achieve resource integration. Three is to establish a scientific and technological research and development cooperation mechanism, strengthen cooperation with research institutes, science and technology and education resources to establish regional science and technology innovation system. Gradually establish a regional science and technology, project cooperation mechanisms and achievements transformation platform to promote industrial strategic cooperation alliance. Four is the establishment of talent exchange mechanism to strengthen the training and introduction of talents. Five is to establish a stable communication mechanism, the organization of both enterprises to participate in local economic and trade activities, regular high-level visits and exchanges.

It is reported that the advantages of vanadium and titanium resources in Panzhihua area is obvious, has formed the longest titanium industry chain, from mining to titanium processing formed a unique industrial layout. Baoji is China's largest and most complete titanium processing industry base, has been formed to BaoTi group as the leading industry gathering, more than and 400 titanium enterprises to create a scale Chinese titanium valley. Cooperation between the two sides, complementary advantages, respectively, to extend the upstream and downstream industry chain. Innovative ideas for the development of titanium industry, has opened up a new industry model, in the current period of titanium industry is facing a serious bottleneck demand and overcapacity, the combination of both is the titanium industry to expand new areas of demand, break the bottleneck will wait and see!

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