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PanGang Vanadium Titanium Was Successfully Developed To Develop Welding Materials With New Titanium Materials.
Feb 23, 2018


  On February, from the court in PanGang vanadium titanium metallurgy research institute of good news, which take the lead in research and development of welding materials with a new type of titanium raw materials in a welding material company realize the industrial trial, to expand the application fields of titanium slag, adds momentum to the development of industry in panzhihua titanium slag.

            Titanium Tig Welding Wire Dia 1.6mm Long 1000mm Sticks

                titanium wire16.jpg 


  Application field in 2017, to expand the titanium slag, vanadium titanium metallurgy research institute has carried out the preparation of titanium slag welding materials with a new type of titanium raw materials' research, was prepared in the laboratory the indicators meet the requirements of the new titanium raw material, and recently successful batch is applied to a welding material company, production welding material more than 10 tons. After the examination, use of the raw material to produce the products offered by welding performance, mechanical performance meet or exceed the current products, industrial application test was a complete success, for application of PanGang titanium slag and opens up a new way.

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