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Ordered Boeing 3D Printing Titanium Structure For Civil Aircraft Component Test
Mar 02, 2017

Boeing and Norsk titanium company signed a 3D print of titanium engineering specimen supply contracts, test for civil aircraft structure components. Norsk will produce Ti-6Al-4V preform and deliver Boeing for further testing and evaluation. The purpose of this project is to verify the repeatability of parts to parts, and to optimize the operational processes necessary for the long term production of structural components. Norsk in Norway HangYu production grade titanium structure. The company is building an industrial grade metal manufacturing plant in the United States, the New York state government invested $125 million. New York plant will initially install 20 proprietary MERKEIV rapid plasma deposition (RPD) process machine tools, capable of producing an annual production capacity of 400 tons of aerospace structures, the final production capacity will reach 800 tons.

The RPD process includes titanium wire to a group by the argon plasma burner cover cooling, according to the CAD design of melting materials for near net forming. The company claims that the process is capable of producing parts that are currently manufactured by forging, and the development and production time is less. According to a statement, the company signed a contract with a number of top Aerospace Manufacturers and tier one suppliers who are interested in using RPD to reduce the cost and preparation time of the engine and engine.

Last year, Norsk's RPD technology was used by Airbus subsidiaries to produce titanium components for A350 aircraft. These parts are said to have been described as the first step in the manufacture of a joint qualification program for the fabrication of titanium components. It is not yet known which project will be used in the manufacture of titanium parts. Boeing has a number of projects using titanium structural parts, or titanium may provide new weight loss in current production and development.

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