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NTi Will Supply Boeing With FAA Certified Titanium Components For 3D Printing
Jun 01, 2017

Norway Norsk Titanium (NTi), a metal based manufacturing company, announced on April 10, 2017 that it had received orders from Boeing for 3D printed titanium structures. NTi will make use of the unique rapid plasma deposition (RPDTM) process. NTi chairman and CEO Warren M. Boley said: NTi company will be able to cooperate with Boeing proud, and very fortunate that the production of these titanium structural components to obtain FAA certification. 

TheBoeing has designed these titanium components and has worked closely with the NTi company throughout the development process. To ensure that these structures can be used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing and NTi conducted rigorous tests and passed FAA certification in February 2017. Boeing, Byrne, vice president of Boeing, said: "Boeing has always been committed to reducing costs and improving product performance through technological innovations, while the NTi RPDTM process is exactly what Boeing is looking for," said John."

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