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Northwest Research Institute Of Nonferrous Metals Baoji Branch Established
Mar 07, 2017

The afternoon of September 2nd, Northwest Research Institute of nonferrous metals Baoji branch of the opening ceremony was held in Baoji city of Baoji Hui Ti Valley Building, the mayor and the Shaanxi Jincai rare metals science and Industry Group Chairman Zhang Pingxiang was inaugurated in Baoji branch.

Northwest Research Institute of nonferrous metals Baoji branch is inaugurated in July 29th this year, to promote the implementation of the Baoji municipal government and our hospital signed "cooperation agreement" of the development of titanium industry is important work, "the twenty-fifth China Western commodities fair and Baoji China 2016 titanium and life. An important part of the project will promote the titanium Valley Forum". Baoji branch will be the spirit of "win-win cooperation, market led, government guidance" principle, to the depth of cooperation to jointly accelerate the titanium industry, focus on outstanding civilian titanium development of new technologies and new products transformation at the same time, application support expansion of titanium material in technological innovation as the guide, the titanium industry to enhance the ability of technological innovation, extend to promote the industrial chain, and the province of Baoji titanium industry to high-end development.

Deputy general manager Du Minghuan, Zhao Yongqing, Zheng Shujun Department of science and technology office, titanium Mao Xiaonan attended the opening ceremony of the.

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