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Norsk Titanium And QuesTek Collaborate On New Titanium Alloy Testing Using Fast Plasma Deposition Technology
Aug 09, 2018

According to foreign media reports, Norsk Titanium and QuesTek Innovations have cooperated with the new titanium alloy test, which can be used in the additive manufacturing process.

    The two sides used the Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD) of Norwegian titanium, and both parties are evaluating a titanium alloy designed by QuesTek. The preliminary evaluation of this alloy product has been completed and the original test sample has been manufactured by Norwegian Titanium.

The test project will describe its alloy microstructure, provide initial material properties, and will use the Norwegian titanium process to confirm QuesTek's titanium alloy performance.

    According to Norwegian Titanium, the two sides can use the rapid plasma deposition technology to melt the titanium wire in an inert argon gas environment with high precision. Both sides can also use the layering method to form the accumulation until it becomes a near-net-shape component. The company said it would drastically reduce machining operations. Compared with the traditional manufacturing method, this method improves the flight quality (the ratio of aluminum input to net mass, buy-to-fly) by 50-75%. Norwegian Titanium is a Tier 1 supplier to Boeing, and its rapid plasma deposition process was first approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the manufacture of 3D printed titanium structural parts.

    The strength of the QuesTek patented titanium alloy is reported to increase by nearly 15% compared to the conventional Ti-6Al-4V, and its ductility is also improved. Ti-6Al-4V is used in electron beam additive manufacturing and traditional foundry processes.

    When implemented, the material properties of the new alloy are expected to be superior to the standard Ti-6Al-4V. (Source: Gasgoo)

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