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Nonferrous Metals Industry To Strive For Market Discourse
Feb 24, 2017

China is the largest producer of non-ferrous metals in the world for the first time in more than 10 years. According to the National Bureau of statistics data show that China's 10 kinds of non-ferrous metal production in 2014 has reached 46 million 960 thousand tons, accounting for more than 40% of the world's total output, the world's top; in 2014 China's copper production reached 17 million 970 thousand tons, 11 consecutive years ranked first in the world; aluminum material production reached 40 million 140 thousand tons, 9 consecutive years ranked first in the world the first. 2001 ~ 2014 statistics show that China's production of non-ferrous metals from the 10 commonly used to increase from 8 million 837 thousand tons to 46 million 960 thousand tons, an average annual growth of 13.6%, ranked first in the world for the first time in 13 years. Such a scale of production, such a position in the world, so that China's economy in the world arena out of the limelight.

However, we have the world's largest non-ferrous products production capacity did not get enough respect and return, did not get the market and benefit, the reason is that we do not have sufficient say market. When we have a scarcity of non-ferrous metals, want to import? Sure! However, the price of the products reported are extraordinarily expensive! Want to bargain? More difficult! And foreign counterparts are surprisingly consistent attitude towards china. In desperation, when we will be scarce non-ferrous metal products reached the scale of production, and the quality of foreign and close to or more than when we are not happy with each other, blocking "anti-dumping" and other reasons for non-ferrous metal products Chinese the production and export of our products, such as electrolytic aluminum photovoltaic industry, rare earth industry etc.. Under the pressure of foreign counterparts, China has become a cheap source of raw materials for foreign counterparts.

Losing the right to speak is tantamount to losing the participation in the formulation of the rules, but also equal to the opportunity to compete with our foreign counterparts. The past is because of their small scale, poor technical strength, the two sides have equal conditions, like a boxing skills of skilled "big head" and the firm just development of "little", winning a high bright eyes. But the rapid development over the past 30 years, thanks to the China economy, we keep up with the global non-ferrous metals non-ferrous industry market new rising cycle, non-ferrous industry has been rapid development, 10 kinds of non-ferrous metal production accounted for 40% of the total world, and this is not only from the aspects of industry scale, product output, foreign trade rapid increase in the level of equipment technology we can also get the qualitative leap, nonferrous metals enterprises have significantly increased influence in the world.

But now we do not cover up the influence and improve the nonferrous metals industry embarrassment. Our colored product technology, quality quality improvement, but still did not escape the "no Chinese high price, Chinese more than a low price" pattern. According to media reports, if the removal of processing trade products, the technical content of China's nonferrous metals exports have not increased significantly over the years, which led to China's export prices have been living in the world. We are the largest producer of electrolytic aluminum, while the international market of electrolytic aluminum prices are now close to the cost. The enterprise survival problem, aluminum technology innovation input more unsatisfactory, innovation and development has become an empty word; in the rare earth industry in the US, Europe and other countries while enjoying the rare earth products cheap to bring their excess profits, while clamoring for rare earth to conduct a comprehensive "alternative" on. China on rare earths strict management initiatives to accuse. Because of our lack of discourse right behind the pricing, the price of rare earth products we are almost losing money earned shouted, this state of the Chinese adverse economic development, on the China defense strategy is unfavorable, must take strong measures to end this defeat.

In addition to the above industries, our tungsten, antimony, tin, zinc and other non-ferrous products also have such problems. In addition, we from the nonferrous metals industry "resources", in addition to the industrial layout is not reasonable, the production of high energy consumption, environmental risk, energy saving and environmental protection pressure, many resource-based enterprises has entered the stage of depletion. So, with the increase of foreign ore imports, began in the import of resources for us to suppress or elevate the export price, or to shut the door China ore imports, or only allowed to export in the local processing into products, which gave us access to the right to speak of nonferrous metals industry bring tremendous resistance.

Have the strength to have the right to speak, the law of the jungle is still in the international market in reality. In the face of such a law, we should establish self-confidence, not to engage in idolatry, to use "please come in" or "going out" on many occasions active voice to promote their own, their own propaganda, let the world listen to the voice of Chinese, give attention to the development of Chinese nonferrous metal industry, such as held in London recently, the report China non-ferrous metals, but also we are back of the nonferrous metals industry on the right action. You know, the hidden behind the right to speak is the right to price and rules. On the other hand, we must accelerate the pace of technological innovation. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Development to the point now, the urgent need of new theory and new technology development of nonferrous metal industry has the characteristics of our country, the integrity of the system, the level of the leading and the fusion of nonferrous metal technology, will help improve the ability of independent innovation of China's nonferrous metals industry, make our color the metal is changing from "buyer's market" to "seller's market", thus making non-ferrous metal prices right, driven by non-ferrous enterprises to upgrade.

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