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Euroferron Market Prices Continue To Rise In Europe
May 12, 2018

London (Asian Metals) 2017-3-14 Due to the tight market supply, the current market price of 66% min of European ferronickel rose to US$32.00-33.00/kg in Nagoya Rotterdam, which was an increase of about US$0.25/kg from the previous week. cross. Despite the limited supply of the market, it is constrained by the sluggish demand. Market participants expect that the price increase of the European market for iron ore will be limited in the coming days.

A trader in Eastern Europe stated that they currently quote 66% min of European iron for 33.0 U.S. dollars per kilogram, and they sold about 20 tons of this product at a price of 32.50 U.S. dollars per hectare of Rotterdam. “The two major iron-manufacturers in South America have high quotations, and the spot market is tight, and they are optimistic about the market outlook,” the trader said, and believes that the increase in market prices may be limited due to low demand constraints.

The trader performs back-to-back trade with an average monthly trading volume of 1 counter, with shipments in March reaching 20 tons.

A trader in Western Europe said that at the end of February they sold about 10 tons of ferroniobium 66% min at a price of 32.50 USD/kg barn Rotterdam. “We believe that the current price of US$33.00/kg Baboaddan warehouse shipping is possible, and I have a South American supplier who does not want to supply more to us due to lack of inventory,” the source said, and put forward market demand. Sorrow will pull down gains.

The trader holds about 10 tons of cash in stock and has an average monthly shipment of about 20 tons. There has been no transaction in March.

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