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New Potatoes Into High-end Titanium Or Building Materials Market Attention
May 14, 2016

A high-end titanium material with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, resistance to acid, alkali resistance, high strength, low density and excellent performance, has been widely used in aerospace and other fields. 

New materials as one of the country's key support emerging industries, play an important role in the current round of economic restructuring, while the high-end titanium as an important member of the new material, will usher in a new round of development space. It is reported that the new invention of the Keele University, Germany, a nickel titanium memory alloy, its deformation can reach tens of millions of times will not be broken, its excellent performance once again lead to the attention of high-end titanium.

In the field of ocean engineering, including shipbuilding, seawater desalination, offshore oil and gas exploitation, ocean energy utilization will increase the demand for high-end titanium, especially ship manufacturing industry to bring greater imagination, including shipbuilding incremental demand and amount of titanium units accounted for upgrade.

 In the automotive field, automotive manufacturing is moving towards the development stage of lightweight, high strength, high quality, light weight, in the automotive material composition of the proportion of progressive increase.

High performance titanium material mainly refers to the high performance titanium or titanium alloy products produced after the titanium sponge processing, and its application range covers many fields. 

At present the high-end titanium technology with high market monopoly status, restricting China's current high-end titanium using the scale and scope of, but in China promote a new round of industrial structure upgrading, high-end titanium turn attracted a new round of demand.

Yang Yang from the iron alloy online 2015.9


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