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Mo Sputtering Target
Nov 14, 2016

Sputtering target for magnetron sputtering, sputtering is a new type of physical vapor deposition (PVD) method.

In the sputtering target (cathode) with an orthogonal magnetic field and electric field and the anode, in high vacuum chamber filled with inert gases needed (usually Ar), under the action of electric field, Ar gas ionization into ions and electrons, the target with certain negative pressure, by with working gas field from the electronic target from the ionization probability increases, the formation of a high density plasma near the cathode, the role of Ar ions in the Lorentz force accelerated toward the target surface, with very high speed bombardment target surface, the target was sputtered atoms followed by higher kinetic energy momentum transfer principle from the target surface to substrate deposited film.

Sputter coating mainly used: flat panel display, glass coating industry (mainly including architectural glass, automotive glass, optical glass, film, etc.) thin film solar surface engineering (decoration & Tools), (magnetic and optical recording medium), micro electronics, automotive lighting, decorative coating etc..

In the rotating target field in 09 years,   first proposed the concept of integrated molybdenum tube target, has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. Molybdenum sputtering target can provide the following dimensions according to user requirements:

Plane target: single: less than or equal to 260kg, purity: 99.97%

Rotary target - tube target: OD: 140-180mm; ID: 125- Phi Phi 135mm. length is less than or equal to 3300mm, the purity is more than 99.97%.

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