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Liaoning Titanium And Special Metal Industry School Enterprise Alliance Was Founded In Bohai University
Jul 03, 2017

In June 8th, the Liaoning food industry university enterprise alliance and the titanium and special metal industry school enterprise alliance conference was held at the concert hall of Bohai University. The conference hosted by the Bohai University and the Education Department of Liaoning Province, Jinzhou municipal government, Beizhen municipal government and Dalian Industrial University, Liaoning Technical University, Liaoning University of Technology, twenty fivedaoguang group Manchu wine limited liability company, Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co. Ltd. and other units attended the meeting.

The establishment of the Liaoning province food industry alliance and titanium and special metal industry alliance, aims to further promote the revitalization of northeast old industrial base, promote the requirements of supply side structural reform of food industry in Liaoning Province, titanium and special metal industry and related personnel training in Colleges and universities, to promote the healthy development of economy and society in Liaoning. The General Assembly unanimously adopted the constitution of the Union and the list of members of the governing council. Liaoning Provincial Department of Education approved by the Bohai University as the lead unit, preparation of food industry, titanium and special metal industry alliance, closely around the provincial government on strengthening the deployment of alliance construction, abide by the articles of Confederation, effectively assume responsibility, sincere cooperation and alliance member units, and effectively solve the problem of university personnel training guide, solve the problem of technology research and development and the transformation of colleges and universities, the cultivation of talents to further integration of Liaoning economic development strategy, industrial transformation and upgrading of the environment, deepen the talents supply side structural reform. Bohai University investment 10 million yuan to support the Alliance launched the implementation of practical scientific research projects, and vigorously promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the province, to enhance the quality and level of science and technology, talent supply, to promote the food industry, titanium and special metal industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises and enhance the quality of university education

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