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Liaoning Fuxin Taiping District To Promote The Process Of Titanium Alloy Material Production Line
Nov 20, 2017

   Liaoning Fuxin Taiping District to promote the process of titanium alloy material production line

Recently, Liaoning Zhongtian titanium new materials Co., Ltd. chairman Jiang Fuqiang and other three people, on titanium alloy production line project once again went to Taiping District for further discussion. Jin Dawei, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the district Party committee and deputy director of the new material industry base, Gao Yunmei received a line from both sides. The two sides held a discussion on the details of the project cooperation, and jointly promoted the process of project cooperation.

In the discussion, the two sides carried on the thorough discussion to the titanium alloy material production line project's land, the environmental impact assessment, the water, electricity, the road and so on the production factor as well as the project future development plan and the tendency and so on, seeks the consensus, thus speeds up the project landing process.

Sun Ou first entrepreneurs a highly vigorous and resolute style. He pointed out that Jiang Fuqiang had in October 23rd on the titanium alloy material production line project to Taiping District conducted a preliminary docking, the basic situation of project has been clear, Liaoning Zhongtian titanium industry new material Co., Ltd. in cooperation with the Fuxin Aokai Jia Titanium Industry Co. Ltd development intention is very clear. Entrepreneur filtration in a short period of time the project needed to solve the problem, once again to promote peace project, which shows a high degree of trust in Taiping District quality service, highly recognized investment environment of Taiping District project. Taiping District will be the whole "nanny" service for enterprises to solve the existing difficulties and problems, and joint efforts of enterprises to promote the project as soon as possible landing construction. He said, Taiping District to create a high-quality business environment, to create a first-class project investment environment, I hope more entrepreneurs to visit Taiping area, to discuss cooperation and seek common development.

Through the discussion, the two sides reached consensus on the details of the cooperation of some projects, and the next step will be a substantial progress.

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