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Japan Develops Titanium Alloy For Vehicles, Which Will Be Used For Exhaust Muffler And Other Accessories.
Jan 26, 2019

Recently, according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the Nippon Steel Corporation and the Kobe Steel Works have developed titanium alloys for automobiles, and have begun to carry out related businesses.

The goal of Nippon Steel Corporation is to use titanium alloys on accessories such as exhaust mufflers and engine valves. The mass production of titanium alloy wire in Kobe Steel has been successful and will begin to provide samples to automakers in the near future.


In addition, Nippon Steel Corporation and Kobe Steel are jointly developing low-cost manufacturing technologies for titanium alloys. If the technology can be applied in a field where the demand for automobiles is large, the mass production effect will prompt the price of titanium alloys to drop, thereby accelerating the popularity of titanium alloys. (Source: Colored Network)

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