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Japan Develops A New Type Of Titanium Material Of Higher Strength
Sep 30, 2017

                Japan develops a new type of titanium material of higher strength

Japanese researchers using powder metallurgy process, titanium and titanium oxide powder mixed after sintering at 1000 DEG C and 6-8MPa, into a new type of titanium material, its tensile strength reaches 1250MPa, three times than traditional titanium material, titanium, aluminum composed of ordinary titanium alloy high strength 30%. This is said to be due to the increased strength of the crystalline structure of titanium under pressure changes.

The new material does not use rare metals, the price is low and the human body is safe, and can be used in the Department of cerebral surgery, surgery and laparoscopy and other surgical instruments. It can also be used as an aircraft engine component material. The researchers plan to use the new material in the field over 2-3 years. Future research focuses on how to reduce costs and be practical.

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