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International Titanium Industry Expo Held In Baoji In Late April
May 03, 2017

March 29th, the city held the 2017 China titanium zirconium and hafnium annual conference and promote the application of the forum, Baoji China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo preparatory mobilization. Reporters learned from the meeting, the Expo will be held in Baoji Exhibition Center from April 24th to 27, there will be several academicians and industry experts for the development of titanium industry in our city".

It is understood that the city currently has R & D, pilot, production, sales, service and other types of titanium industry chain 530, in 2016, titanium and titanium products in China accounted for 80% of the country, the world's total of 20%. This year, the city held the Expo, aims to build the titanium industry in international exchanges and cooperation platform, strengthen the leading role of Baoji China titanium Valley "in the development of domestic titanium industry in the international industry, promote cooperation and exchange, the interpretation of the national industrial policy, expand the application field of titanium industry, promote the development of titanium industry quality and efficiency, promote the titanium industry rapidly cluster development.

Relevant personage of the Expo will be invited to the national ministries, provincial departments, friendly city, titanium zirconium and hafnium Association member enterprises, involving titanium and the application of the enterprise, the relevant academicians, experts and scholars and industry professionals about 600 people. The Expo includes 2017 China titanium zirconium and hafnium application and forum, titanium zirconium and hafnium products exhibition, 2017 Chinese of zirconium and hafnium industry seminars, investment (trade) project and enterprise promotion etc.. During the meeting, will also be invited academicians, experts for the development of titanium industry in our city weapon, build Baoji titanium Valley think tank, to further strengthen the city's titanium and titanium alloy industry.

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