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International Molybdenum Market Prices Continue To Fall
Nov 06, 2017

                          International molybdenum market prices continue to fall\

International molybdenum market prices continue to decline, the overall demand is light.

 On the distribution of molybdenum oxide Platts price 8.25-8.3 dollar / pound molybdenum, down to 8.2-8.3 dollar / pound molybdenum; European ferromolybdenum quotations 20.4-20.5 dollars / kg Mo, down to $20.3-20.5 / kg mo. Domestic molybdenum concentrate market continues to run smoothly. 

At present, the mine raw material spot stock is tight, the quoted price is stable, the general grade molybdenum concentrate mainstream quotation is 1350-1370 yuan / ton degree, the high grade molybdenum essence is in 1370-1400 yuan / ton.

 The domestic market mentality is not a ferromolybdenum, darker mood, deserted. The strong steel prices, but by the cost of upside down, the majority of molybdenum enterprises adhere to offer, the mainstream price remained at 9.2-9.4 yuan / ton basis

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