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Intelligent Manufacturing As The Main Direction Of The New Economy
Mar 16, 2017

At present, with a new generation of information communication technology and manufacturing integration and development as the main feature of the new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution in the world gave birth to the rise of revolutionary influence to the profound adjustment of the world industrial division of labor and technology. Intelligent manufacturing has become the core of a new round of global manufacturing changes, countries around the world have to speed up the planning and layout, and actively participate in the global industrial division of labor. "13th Five-Year" is the period of China's manufacturing industry, the quality and efficiency of the critical period from big to strong, how to grasp the core of intelligent manufacturing, so that the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization, build new energy for economic development, economic restructuring has become an important strategic consideration. To this end, the newspaper editorial department invites experts and research teams to discuss this issue in depth.

At present, China is facing the arduous task of economic restructuring and upgrading, but also to catch up with the new round of technological and industrial revolution driven by the new economy booming historical opportunity. If the essence of the new economy in developed countries is the integration of information technology and the depth of the "re industrialization", so for Chinese, development of new economy means the integration of industrialization and information depth, is the process of industrialization, to further promote the transformation of economic structure and upgrading of the inherent requirements. As the concentrated embodiment of the integration of information technology and industrialization, intelligent manufacturing is of great significance to the present stage of China's industrialization, which is characterized by the weakening of traditional industrialization and the urgent need to transform the old and new economic growth momentum.

First, the basic knowledge of intelligent manufacturing

Our country is facing the big industrial countries but the status quo is not an industrial power, international background and the international financial crisis in developed countries the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain and France have proposed manufacturing industry revitalization plan, in 2015 China promulgated the "2025 China manufacturing". The manufacturing industry is the foundation of our country, the foundation of our country and the power of our country. The meaning of "made in China 2025" can not only be understood from the perspective of industrial planning, but also should be viewed from the blueprint of sustainable economic growth in the future. "Chinese 2025" is proposed to speed up the manufacturing, a new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth integration as the main line, to promote smart manufacturing as the main direction, strengthening the industrial base capabilities, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, the manufacturing industry from large to strong historical leap. In the blueprint for economic growth, intelligent manufacturing is presented as a main direction, you can see its status is very important.

The so-called intelligent manufacturing, intuitively speaking, is based on the integration of artificial intelligence technology and manufacturing technology to meet the optimization objectives of the manufacturing system or model. In intelligent manufacturing first proposed, the content is relatively narrow, the optimization goal is relatively specific, but with the continuous development of new manufacturing mode and emerging information technology, the connotation of intelligent manufacturing has gradually expand. From the basic technology, a new generation of information technology has been developed from artificial intelligence development to include big data, networking, cloud computing, etc.; from the manufacturing process, has been extended from simple production to the whole life cycle of products; from the manufacturing system level, has been extended from manufacturing equipment to unit including workshop, enterprise, supply chain, manufacturing the entire ecological system; from the optimization goal, from the initial implementation of small batch production without manual intervention, to meet the needs of individual consumers, optimize decision, improve production flexibility, improve production efficiency and resource utilization, improve product quality, shorten the manufacturing cycle, the reflection of the environmental friendly and a series of goals. Therefore, the intelligent manufacturing, has been broadly interpreted as integrated big data, Internet of things based on a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology, can self adapt dynamically to the manufacturing environment is changing, from product design and manufacturing to achieve the recycling of the entire life cycle of the high efficiency, high quality and green network optimization goal, personalized manufacturing system or pattern, including intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent and intelligent service recovery and wide content.

The key of intelligent manufacturing is to rely on the technical support of the new generation of information technology system. It is generally accepted that the intelligent manufacturing technology is based on the information physical system (CPS), or virtual entity system. Generally speaking, this is a network system can be effectively connected industrial entities in the world of machines, materials, technology, etc. through the Internet and the virtual world in the information system, a comprehensive analysis of the depth perception and real world industrial data real-time dynamic transmission and advanced modeling through the system, implementation of network information system and physical space of the depth of integration, real-time interaction, mutual coupling, mutual updates, thus forming the intelligent decision and control, the intelligent development of the final drive of the whole manufacturing industry. This system is known as CPS in the German industrial 4, and in the United States is called the industrial Internet industry. In the U.S. industry view, the industrial Internet is the Internet in all areas of the industry, the industry's integration of the entire value chain integration applications, is to support the key integrated information infrastructure intelligent manufacturing. With this system you can realize the characteristics of wisdom manufacturing process of self organization and coordination, self decision and self adapt to environmental change, to meet the high complexity, high quality, low cost, low consumption, low pollution and varieties before the traditional manufacturing mode that a series of optimization objective contradiction cannot be achieved at the same time.

Economic research shows that the key to the international competitiveness of a country's economy and the long-term stable growth is the ability to produce complex products

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