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Increasing Research And Development Of Titanium Alloy Oil Well Pipe
May 20, 2017

Two years later, the reporter saw China oil company oil pipe engineering technology research institute professor Song Shengyin again, when a reporter asked about the application of titanium alloy in the oil pipe in the progress of the time, he smiled and said, also need to continue to work hard.

 Titanium alloy for its excellent corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, high efficiency become the candidate material for the oil industry special conditions of oil and gas fields, from the last century abroad in 80s began the research and application of titanium alloy tube in petrochemical industry, titanium alloy tube commonly used mainly titanium alloy rod, titanium alloy tubing titanium alloy casing, riser, etc.. China Petroleum Corporation of petroleum pipe engineering technology research institute according to the unique physical and mechanical properties of titanium alloy materials, carry out the system research, to overcome the part of titanium alloy materials have corrosion under certain conditions and the limitation of corrosion potential, high thermal conductivity, low processing difficulty, a variety of titanium alloys were comprehensive physical and chemical, physical properties, corrosion resistance and performance of titanium alloy used for experimental research, solve the key problems of oil well pipes, successfully developed tubing, casing and drill pipe titanium alloy, through well test shows that meet the requirements of deep and ultra deep oil well pipe technology of titanium alloy, laid the foundation for the popularization and application of the next step. Finally, he called on colleagues in the industry to make joint efforts to apply titanium alloy tubes to all aspects of China's petroleum industry as soon as possible, so as to meet the major national policy of the country's oil security.

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