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In April, The Titanium Market Is Still Warm And Cold
May 08, 2018

In April, the price of domestic titanium ore and the price of imported titanium ore were divided. Foreign mines have not lowered their prices, and some mines are still raising prices. In fact, the decline in domestic titanium ore prices shows signs in the middle of this month. In addition, the number of imported titanium mines arriving at domestic ports in the near future is relatively large, and the spot inventory of ports has increased, which has also brought sales pressure to import titanium mine dealers.

Sponge titanium prices did not change this month, manufacturers are mostly based on real March gains. Judging from the current market feedback, the improvement in the titanium market is not obvious. Small and medium sized titanium plates and titanium pipes, which are mainly used in the civilian industry, are still in poor conditions. After the price of titanium sponge rose, the price of titanium did not keep up with the increase, and most of the prices were maintained.

titanium dioxide.jpg

The performance of the titanium dioxide market in April was not satisfactory. After more than a dozen companies in March announced the excitement of price increases, not only did the market price for titanium dioxide not achieve a price increase this year. Some companies and downstream distributors did not even sign orders according to new prices, but continued to lower prices. The price is for sale. From the perspective of market segments, the pressure of rutile titanium dioxide is greater than that of anatase products, and sales are often conducted at the lower end of the quotation range. 

Yunchtitanium believes that after the market adjustment in April, the bullish atmosphere created by the previous Titanium Dioxide Enterprise through the price increase has completely disappeared, and the bearish atmosphere will become strong. If the market performance of titanium dioxide continues to be sluggish in May, it may affect the price trend of titanium dioxide in the next two or three months and even affect other titanium products.

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