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Important Chemical Elements Affecting The Properties Of Titanium
Apr 21, 2017

             Important chemical elements affecting the properties of titanium

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The influence of titanium sponge as raw material on the properties of titanium was 50%. The quality of raw materials can directly determine the performance of titanium material. The 4 key elements that affect the key properties of titanium sponge are also important factors affecting the properties of titanium: C, H, O, N. Ultra low clearance element Sunrui titanium sponge production Wanji recognized by customers and favor, the reasons for all hazard analysis about O, C, N in titanium and titanium caused by defects.

Harm of O, N and C in titanium

L easy to produce TiO2, TiN, TiC and other low-density inclusions;

L titanium alloy in the process of turning, forging, punching, extrusion, rolling, rolling, stretching and other processing, it is easy to fracture, cracks, voids and other defects;

L is the source of premature fatigue failure, which seriously reduces the life of parts.

O, N, C causes of defects

L TiN melting point 2930 degrees C, TiC melting point of 3150 degrees C, TiO2 melting point of 1842 degrees c;

The melting point of L TiN, TiC and TiO2 is much higher than the melting point of the matrix titanium (1668 + + 5 DEG C);

L TiN, TiO2, hardness and brittleness are very large, as shown in the following table, basically no plastic deformation ability, in the forging process is easy to form cracks, holes and other defects in the TiC.





Mohs hardness


Nine point five

7 to 7.5


L TiN, TiC, TiO2 low density inclusions defect crystal and matrix Co, it is difficult to detect, easy to flow into the subsequent use.

L TiN, TiC, TiO2 low density defects and the matrix structure of the load load of the strain is not synchronized, become part of premature fatigue failure of the crack source.

The benefits of low N sponge titanium to titanium

L titanium material in the N fell below 0.005%, can significantly improve the processing properties of titanium;

L improve the plasticity, N content decreased by 0.01%, the strength decreased by 29MPa, plasticity increased by 1% ~ 2%;

L can reduce the inclusion and segregation of titanium, and it is not easy to produce cracks in the process of turning, forging, punching, extrusion, rolling, rolling, drawing and so on;

L can improve the recovery of waste.

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