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Implantation Of Periosteum On Titanium Grafts
Jan 03, 2018

Implantation of periosteum on titanium grafts

School of nuclear technology engineering, Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia and the new production technology Engineering School of scholars, and medical materials in the field of foreign experts, developed a method using titanium dioxide nano tube. This catheter is coated with calcium phosphate coating. The composition of the coating is the same as that of human bone. It is equivalent to covering the periosteum on titanium graft, and it can improve the survival rate of titanium bone graft.

The researchers pointed out that titanium is widely used in the production of transplants, but the elasticity of the two is different. Titanium is much harder than bone tissue. Therefore, when patients are active, titanium bears more mechanical load than bone, which may lead to bone tissue damage. "Nanoscale catheters help solve this problem and avoid making titanium take more mechanical loads than bone tissue," said Roman Chernozem, a graduate student.

In addition, the hollow nanoscale catheter is also very suitable to fill the drug, transport the body to the body where it needs, and control the rate of drug delivery.

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