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Ideal Implant Material For Dental Implants -- Titanium
Jun 21, 2017

                                                   Ideal implant material for dental implants -- titanium

Dental implants are based on the physiological structure of the healthy teeth. They are implanted in the edentulous jaws and then restored to the crown. They are close to the teeth in shape and function.

The materials used for dental implants are mainly metal and bioceramics with good tissue compatibility. Implants are inserted into the jawbone and the implant is effectively fused with the patient's normal bone tissue to become an artificial tooth root. Later, the PFM crowns were fabricated on the artificial root. Edentulous patients because of the absorption of alveolar bone and flattened, complete dentures usually often encountered problem is the poor stability, and the use of plant root, root stable into the alveolar bone after using long spring fixed denture, so that it can play its normal function.

Titanium is absolutely no poison to the human body, and has good compatibility with human tissue and blood, biophile titanium titanium makes this, become the most ideal dental implant implant materials, the purity should be above 99.95%, otherwise it will cause rejection of jaw bone, resulting in implant loosening.

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