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How To Bend Titanium Sheet?丨titanium Sheet Bending Technology
Jul 06, 2018

Many customers need to bend the titanium sheets to become a special shape. However, there are some issues to be aware of in the processing of titanium and titanium alloy sheets, otherwise there is a risk of fracture of the titanium sheet.

gr2 titanium plate 4.jpg

Taking the Chinese standard GB/T 3621 as an example, the mechanical properties of titanium and titanium alloys are clearly required:

If the thickness of the pure titanium titanium plate is less than 6 mm, it does not need to be heated to bend more than 90 degrees. If heating is required, it is also necessary to uniformly heat the entire sheet to about 100-300 degrees.

Remember not to be too high to avoid the material's hydrogen peroxide embrittlement and change its chemical and mechanical properties.

The corresponding yield strength varies depending on the type of titanium plate.

The following are the basic principles:

1 The higher the yield strength, the greater the pressure should be when bending.

2 For the higher the number of titanium, the elongation is reduced, and the material will break beyond the elongation at the small bending radius.

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